Saturday, May 15, 2010

Safety FIRST!

Today was Kaden's last day of swim lessons and according to the teacher he was her brightest pupil and she thinks he is ready for competition!! Okay, so we may not know if we have the next Michael Phelps on our hands yet and we may not have learned too much this time around but it was great way to get Kaden use to the water and it was a great way to wear him out so he took extra long naps on Saturdays! Today we got to put on the life jackets and let the kiddos float. He wasn't sure what to think about it at first, what is this HUGE jacket mom put on me, I can't hardly move my arms and what is this tight strap doing between my legs, can you say WEDGIE! It only took a few minutes to figure out that this orange vest thingy might not be too bad and he just floated. At the end of class we received our graduation certificate, which like everything else, Kaden tried to eat! We are a little sad to say that swimming lessons are ending. Kaden will certainly miss seeing his new buddies every Saturday and mommy will miss walking around the lazy river backwards (it made for a great leg workout) but I won't miss having to get in a swimsuit! Hopefully next year since Kaden will be a little older he will understand and comprehend more of what we are trying to teach him but all in all, it made for great Mommy and Kaden time.

Cousin Colton and K-Man

Kaden and his buddy, Jacob

Look Mom, I passed!

DEAL OF THE WEEK: Britex Marathon Convertible Car Seat - Regularly $279.99 (without tax), My Price - $161.99 (with tax). We took Kaden to the doctor a little over a week ago and when he got his weight he was at 21.8 lbs and unfortunately our Chicco Car Seat (which I LOVED), only went up to 22 lbs. We were already talking about getting new car seats because his little legs were starting to hang off the end so when we learned that he was just 1/2 lb away from the limit, it was TIME. I don't like to buy anything at full price and Babies R Us makes that pretty easy because you can always get a 20% off coupon but the regular coupons were not redeemable so I had to do some searching. With a few quick searches on the web, a sign up for coupons here and there, and waiting for our mail on Friday-we finally had enough coupons for TWO car seats. The car seat was already on sale, and then I was able to save almost another $80. I am glad Kaden gave us a little bit of time with that 1/2 lb so we could make sure to get the best deal possible! I sure love a good deal!!

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