Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend: Day 2 & 3

Day Two was pretty laid back. Daddy got up bright and early so that he and Jake could tee off at sunrise so it was just K-Man and I for the morning. He has been a little crabbier than normal so I had to figure out something fun and new to pass the time. I pulled out his swimsuit and hooked up his new sprinkler mat (thanks Sacha for the wonderful idea) to the water hose so that the little man could splish and splash. Sadly, Mommy didn't hook it up right, or maybe the hose was on too high, or it was on a slope-it just wasn't working like it was suppose to. We will give it another try tomorrow, here's to hoping it is another nice day!

After Daddy got home from golfing, Mommy went to see SATC 2 and then out to dinner at Blue Moose for Dawn's 31st birthday. I was never really a SATC fan, I have seen enough episodes to know who all the characters are and what was going on but by no means am I a die hard fan. With that being said, SATC 2 didn't even hold a candle to SATC 1-there wasn't any type of story line. Their clothes and shoes though, AMAZING!

Day Three was a busy day and it didn't get off to the best of starts. Kaden had a great nap and woke up just in time for Papa Tom and Grandma Sara to pull into the drive way. We all loaded up and headed to Grinders. My dad is a huge Food Network fan and enjoys Diner, Drives and Dives and Grinders was actually featured on an episode and on Sundays, their pizza slices are B1G1 which sounded perfect before we headed to Jiggle Jam at Crown Center. Only issue, the pizza side or lunch side doesn't open until noon and it was just 11:30 and we weren't in any mood to sit around and wait for another 30 minutes before we could order. We got our drinks and drove to look for parking, enter issue #2. I have lived in KC for 6 years now, Justin all his life and neither one of us had a clue where we should be parking so we drove in a couple circles. And right in front of us the whole time were signs pointing where to park, we were just looking the wrong way. Finally we arrive at Jiggle Jam and man was it HOT and busy. Blake jumped in a few bounce houses, Leah got her face painted and Brett schooled Blake at Guitar Hero. After we got a bite to eat we decided to head over to Union Station. Issue #3-Too many Chiefs not enough Indians in the Hartley family. "We need to go this way." "No, we should have gone that way." "Well the link is over here and I guess over there too." Finally we heard another family talking about walking to Union Station so we followed them through the Link, lets just say, we got our exercise. Union Station had Dinosaurs Unearthed but the kids were getting a little tired and decided they would just come back to KC for another visit some time soon and we would go back. (I think Papa Tom was ready to go and bribed the kids with sweets so that they would all agree!) We said our good-byes and headed home for a long nap.

Once we woke up, we headed to Toys-R-Us to get the bike Justin got me for Mother's Day. After the sun started to go down along with the temperature, we took our first family ride. Kaden loved the trailer, he was so cute riding behind Daddy. The bikes were such a great idea but one trip around the neighborhood (maybe 7 blocks) will be the reason Mommy can't get up in the morning. We literally almost had to WALK our bikes up a hill. I don't remember riding bikes being such a workout when I was younger, we could have road forever around Jasper, it was our only mode of transportation. And now we are huffing and puffing and laughing at ourselves so hard that we can hardly breathe. Pathetic? And are we really that out of shape? Yes and yes. 

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