Tuesday, May 25, 2010

HOLY CRAP and I mean literally!!!

We made it almost 9 months without a BLOW OUT in the diaper category but tonight not only did Mommy get spit up on, I got pooped on too!! Now, Kaden didn't actually poop on me, he kind of pooped out of his diaper onto the carpet and all over his pjs. I proceeded to carry this little thing called my son, like a bag of trash, the I-don't-want-it-to-touch-me-because-it-smells-so-bad-bag of trash straight to the tub. Now,  I read in Jenny McCarthy's, Baby Laughs, how this happened to her and they just went ahead and took a pair of scissors and cut their kid's clothes right off to ensure it didn't go everywhere but me, did I take her advice, of course not. I thought I had this, how hard could it be, right? With a tug here and a pull there and a Kaden sliding all over the bathtub, I finally was able to save it all but next time around I might just take the scissors and call it good. Once I managed to clean Kaden off as much as possible with wipes, we got him straight into his bathtub and in just a few short minutes he was squeaky clean and ready to cause havoc again. I can officially say that was one of the GROSSEST things I have ever had to clean up!! And I thought it would only be appropriate to pick a "poop green" color for my text tonight.

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