Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cousin Colton Turns ONE!

Well, kind of, officially he turns one on Tuesday the 11th but his mommy and daddy threw a big birthday celebration today with all of his friends and family. There were planes, trains and automobiles and SLIDES galore. Daddy helped grill hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch and then we got to enjoy some YUMMY cupcakes and ice cream for dessert. But before the dessert came, Colton opened up all of his gifts. He got a cool new swing set from his mom and dad, a picnic table from Gammie and Nannie, a slide from us (he has an abundance of slides since the swing set came with TWO-we didn't know!), a lawn mower, and lots of other toys! When it came time for Colton to "dig into" his cake, he took his time and was as neat as a 1 year old could be. He loved the candy confetti and would do his best to keep out of the icing while picking them up one by one, finally his daddy gave him a little help. By the time he was done with the cake, he had his sippy cup sitting comfortably on top!

We are very lucky to have Colton as our God Son and Kaden is very lucky to have an older and much wiser cousin to learn from and so far, we couldn't have asked for a better teacher! Happy Birthday Colton! We love you.

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