Sunday, May 23, 2010

Busy but yet quiet...

We had a very busy weekend with running errands and helping with Korie's baby shower but other than that, there isn't awhole lot to report, so things at The South's were pretty quiet. Korie's shower was a great time and her mom did such a great job with the decorations and planning of the shower. Pink and Brown all around! She got so many super cute girly things, I doubt Baby Girl Johnson will ever wear the same outfit twice and the bows just kept coming. We just can't wait to meet her and watch her grow up-we hope her and Kaden are just the best of buds. I can picture it now, Kaden playing with her Barbies and Baby Girl Johnson playing with his wrestlers-can't wait. After seeing all the PINK, it almost makes me want to try for #2 but since I know I am destined to have all BOYs, I can wait just a little longer. On the bright side, I KNOW I would break the bank if I had a girl, way too many cute things out there so boys will be just fine for this mommy!! As for K-Man, I guess we did let him try a few more new foods-toast, strawberry and pineapple but the pickles seem to still be his favorite.
My crafty project of the weekend.

What a friendly driver!!

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