Thursday, May 6, 2010

And then there were SEVEN!

I left for a business trip and by the time I got home, Kaden had 3 more teeth and these were BIG ones. The first few teeth had no issues breaking through the gums but this time around, they are cutting quickly and are very painful. We don't have a dry toy, blanket, shirt in the house and we have stocked up on teething rings, whatever it takes to help the little man out. And to make matters worse, we had to dump the Children's Tylenol, due to the MASSIVE recall, and now we are keeping our fingers crossed that Target's Up and Up Brand does the job. I tried capturing a few pictures of his new teeth but we were only able to get the bottom few and please disregard the drool, it is like a 3rd arm for our son!

While attending a conference in San Diego we had a little down time one afternoon so we made a quick stop at the zoo, it is ranked one of the top zoos in the country so why not see it. We saw lions, tigers and bears-Oh My, we saw the elephants, giraffes, monkeys, and even a couple polar bears. Even Piggy got to make the trip and get his picture taken with the elephants (they were his favorite). While the San Diego Zoo was a great time, I am not sure if I agree that it is one of the better zoos in the States and if it is, I don't know if we will be going to many zoos when vacationing. I am looking forward to the Omaha Zoo though, Jenny said they have really put a lot of great work into it and there are so many new attractions there.

The last night of the conference we got to enjoy dinner aboard the USS Midway. The USS Midway was deployed during Vietnam and Desert Storm and has since been turned into a museum for all to enjoy. Battleships like the USS Midway are built to last 50 years and halfway through they are brought back in and overhauled, then sent back out for the remaining 25 years. The George W. Bush was the most recent battleship to be designed and it cost a measly $7.5 billion. The history and stories which we learned about during our tour were fascinating and if time allowed, we could have been there for days listening to the many stories the USS Midway had to tell. Over 4500 soldiers were aboard this amazing vessel and when this vessel came back to port, the new daddies were the first of the soldiers that got to step onto US Soil agian and see their new families. Seeing postcards, letters and everything else aboard that ship really makes you think about everything our men and women give up to put their life on the line for us and our country. Thank you and God Bless you all.

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