Saturday, May 1, 2010


The number of days old our little monkey is but who is counting? And just so no one hurts their head trying to crunch numbers, 243 days = 8 months old. So for his 8 month birthday we got the little guy a Whispering Buggy, in other words, a blue push car! (And thanks to Stacy, Lily's mom, we got it for 25% off!) We went straight home and put the little blue car together and had to go for a ride.

"Get out of the way you STUPID  LADY!"
(A quote from Papa Tom when he was teaching Kailey how to drive a train.)

In other monkey news, Kaden's top teeth are through so we are up to 4 total teeth with the 5th one getting ready to break through. He is waving bye-bye and more importantly when we say the words and not just randomly all day long like he has been for the last few weeks. He has finally decided that he can roll both ways so we don't find ourselves going in circles and getting dizzy any longer and we are just days away from crawling, he almost has it!

Popped a wheelie he was so excited!

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