Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thanks Aunt Pam and Uncle John!

Kaden loves his new sunglasses!! Oh and of course his new shoes and we can't forget about the outfit too!

Grandma Sara drove Grandma Earl up to KC on Friday afternoon to catch a flight to Ft. Lauderdale and Uncle John and Aunt Pam met us up near the airport and got to meet Kaden for the first time. The cameras came out and Kaden started posing and surprisingly he kept the sunglasses on.

In other South news, our house comes off the market on Sunday. Justin and I have decided to remove it from the market and make it what we want it to be. Uncle Adam came over to check out the kitchen and to give us some ideas and estimates and we picked out new carpet and a new couch (we still need to do a little measuring on the couch first). We are super excited to see what Adam can do to the kitchen, we have high hopes and we know Adam won't have any issues surpassing them!!

Swimming lessons are still going well, Kaden really loves the water and being with his buddies. Speaking of buddies, we have some really exciting news.... NO we are not pregnant, but Tiffany and Jason are and we couldn't  be more excited for them. My hopes, a little girl, then the odds that Kaden will marry a friend would be even greater. First Tugce and Justin, then Korie and Scott and maybe now Tiffany and Jason-Have your pick K-Man.

My new swimsuit for the lake.

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