Sunday, April 11, 2010

On a lighter note...

The South Family had a very busy weekend which was full of good friends and baby showers! The Garrets came back into town for their baby shower and we were able to meet them for dinner at their favorite sushi restuarant on Friday and then celebrated with them on Saturday. On Sunday we loaded up and ran home to Carthage to see Papa Tom and Grandma Sara before heading to Ashley's baby shower. We had to skip Brooke's baby shower because we had to get back on the road but I heard it was a great time. Here are a few pictures from our whirlwind weekend!

Oh and Kaden is the next Michael Phelps! At his swimming lessons on Saturday morning, he went underwater 5 times and didn't cry once! I can feel an Olympic record being BROKE!

P.S. Kaden is like a leaking faucet, you can't turn the drool off. (Thanks Angela for the analogy, it fits perfectly and I have used many times this weekend!!) We could use bibs, but bibs aren't that cute and no one would ever see his cute shirts so we have decided to go without for now! His top teeth are trying to cut through, I can see them just below the gums so hopefully we will have pictures without a big pool of drool soon!

JG had no idea what anything was, good luck Tugce!

Kaden doing his best JG impression-Pretty good if you ask me!

A great BIG kid...

So my Justin had to step in.

We can't wait to meet Baby Girl Garrett!

Look Ma, a Mohawk or maybe just a shadow.

Yes, my collar is popped. Can you say PIMP?

And I am out....

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