Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ice Cream! When did we get Ice Cream?

7 months old, the age Kaden was when he had his first bite of ice cream. Now, I would normally not allow for my child at 7 months to have ice cream, but I also couldn't break Grandpa Richard's heart since he has been looking forward to this day for some time. And you know, to this day, Kaden hasn't disliked any of his baby food, so I wasn't surprised at all when he seemed to enjoy the ice cream to the fullest.

This trip to Carthage was going to be a quick one and the easiest way to see everyone is to have everyone come to you, I mean, it is all about KADEN now. So not only did Papa Richard come over to spend time with us but so did Jennifer, Brett, Leah and Blake, Aunt Lindsey, Great Grandpa and Grandma Earl and don't forget Molly (The Siebert Crew's dog) and Abby (Zack and Lindsey's dog) needless to say, it was a VERY full house! (Officer Hartley, aka Uncle Zack, was at home sleeping since he had to work tonight.) Once everyone arrived, the food was served, Easter baskets opened, and pictures taken. We decided to head out to the OLD iron bench to take pictures. This specific iron bench was my favorite place to sit and play when visiting Papa Richard and Grandma Dorothy's and I love that mom and dad now have it. And although the tree probably wasn't the best place to take pictures, we always feel like Grandma Dorothy is closer to us. Here are a few pictures from the afternoon and as you can tell, Kaden loves being outside and LOVES the camera, he is such a HAM!

The kiddos

Leah's rock star persona....Kaden wasn't sure what to think.

Family picture

Grandma Sara and Kaden 

 Great Papa Richard and K-man

What would a photoshoot with Kaden be without some drool...

 Great Grandpa and Grandma Earl with K-Man

 7 months old

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