Saturday, April 24, 2010

BEWARE: Pictures Don't Tell the WHOLE Story

If one was just looking at the pictures from Kaden's first trip to Royals Stadium, one would think that he had such a great time and we made it through the entire game but one would be wrong! We knew we were pushing our luck when the weather wasn't all that great to begin with but we also knew we were under the awning for the game, what we didn't know-Kaden HATES loud crowds and when you spend some time at The K, there might just be a few LOUD cheers from time to time. We started off content and happy and then before we knew it, the Royals were on a hitting roll and the crowd was going crazy and poor Kaden was CRYING like a BABY! Grandma Sara decided to walk with him for a little while, I tried stolling around with him but he just wasn't enjoying himself. We could have made it through the game, it wasn't like he was screaming and throwing fits, he was just quietly crying and was scared so we figured it was time. We headed back out to the car by the top of the 3rd inning. Although our time was short at The K, we still managed to get our Greinke Bobblehead, Kaden's 1st game certificate and his Blue Crew packet, which happened to have a Butler practice jersey in it that would fit mommy! We did take advantage of arriving a little early to get a few pictures of Kaden with Papa Tom and Grandma Sara, Uncle Zack even got to hold him for the first time without making him cry. It may not have been the best first outing but it was a memorable one and we will certainly take him again but he might be old enough to drive by then!!

I love this picture!

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