Sunday, March 28, 2010

Swimming 101

We had our first day of swim lessons on Saturday morning and Kaden loves the water. We spent the session splashing, learning to kick, floating on our back and playing bumper boat. What made the lessons even more fun was that Kaden's buddies were in the class too! Mr. Colton, Mr. Jacob, Miss Lily and Miss Josie all brought their mom or dad for a little fun too. I think Kaden might have a little crush on Miss Lily because he was splashing her the most!! The class was about 40 minutes long and that was just perfect because K-man was getting a little tired towards the end. We said our "see you next week" to our new friends and headed home for a quick bottle and a nap. And I know how water can wear me out, Kaden took a 2 1/2 hour nap-he was a very tired little boy.

We also got the rest of Kaden's 6 month pictures from Janie Jones Photography and below are a couple of my favorite pictures of the little man. I can't wait for his 9 month pictures to role around and then it will be his first birthday, man how time flies...guess I should get to planning the party, this is a bigger deal than our wedding! :0)

My absolute favorite.

I love the drool-he drools non-stop and I love that it was captured!

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