Saturday, March 20, 2010

House Hunters KC

How can it be so exciting but yet so disappointing at the same time? Justin finally let me pick out a few houses from our "to see" list, 2 of his favorites, 3 of mine. We dropped Kaden off at Aunt Becky's and met the real estate agent and Uncle Adam at the first house. I will have to say, the first house was my favorite but it had a deal breaker, the backyard, if you can call it that. The so-called backyard had a stream running through it (not a pretty one either), tons of old, skinny trees, sloped at a 45 degree angle away from the house and absolutely no playing area for a kid or dogs! It only took one look at the backyard and it was on to the next house. Not a great way to start the day out and unfortunately it didn't get much better. We ended up looking at 5 houses, all from the top of our list and none of them made the short list and so it is back to the drawing board. As hard as selling our current house has been, finding a new one might become more of a challenge.

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