Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What a TERRIBLE Godmother I am!!

Another huge highlight in 2009 was the birth of Kaden's OLDER and WISER cousin Colton. Colton is also Justin and I's godson. I forgot to mention his arrival in our 2009 highlights and I feel very bad about it, he and Kaden share the top spot for the most amazing days of the year. Adam and Becky had been waiting a very long time for this little miracle to join the South family and on May 11th, 2009 he entered the world and has been making all of us smile every day since. He and Kaden are only 4 months apart and we can already tell what great buddies they are going to be. I am sure all the trouble the get in will be Colton's fault!! Here are a few pictures of the BEST godson in the WORLD! (sorry little buddy-I didn't mean to leave you out, we will never forget the smiles/tears you brought to us on that lovely Monday in May.)

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