Saturday, January 23, 2010

Visiting Papa Tom and Grandma Sara

It was time to head back to Carthage. My parents hadn't seen K-Man since Christmas and they both were starting to get a little ansy, so we loaded up on Friday afternoon and made te drive down 71 Hwy. Prior to deciding to take the trip I had told mom that I had only two requests, 1-Taco Town Cheese Dip and the second being Dried Beef Gravy. Easy enough, right? Well the it took my dad an hour sitting in line at Taco Town to get my cheese dip, but it was sooooooooo worth it! For those of you who know Taco Town, you will completely understand my fascination with it!

Friday night was family night, Jennifer brought the kids up after school, Zack and Lindsey came over and we even talked Papa Richard into coming out. Aunt Jennifer got to feed Kaden his oatmeal for the evening and Uncle Zack even gave holding Kaden another try but it ended with the same result-Kaden crying and Uncle Zack handing him back to momma. The highlight of the evening came when Aunt Jennifer decided to feed Kaden his FIRST bite of corn on the cob! You can be the judge on whether or not he liked it.

Do I have anything on my face??

Saturday was a very busy day for K-Man and yet another first was documented. He got to see his first basketball game. Cousin Brett played great defense but in the end his team ended up on the losing end. Brett plays in a church league and this church league is very positive and if you know anything about the Hartley family and sports then you know we are very competitive and we don't like to stay quiet during any type of game. Needless to say, my sister wouldn't even sit next to us!!

After leaving the game we headed to Jasper to see Great Grandma and Grandpa Earl and we got an extra bonus when we arrived, Uncle Harry was in town from New Jersey! Kaden was all smiles and they couldn't believe how big he had gotten.

Next up-church with mom and dad so they can show him off to all their friends. We are greeters and get to hand out bulletins so I am sure there will be a lot of cheek pinching! Then it is back to the house to load up and head back to KC for dinner at Grammy's. Busy, busy weekend but oh so much fun!

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