Sunday, January 31, 2010

And now the REAL WORK begins...

So now that Kaden is 5 months old, it is time to get the rest of the baby weight off. I have been telling myself for a few months now that I need to get out and work it all off but when I come home from work that is the farthest thing from my mind. I only have a few hours to spend with Kaden before he goes to bed and I don't want to spend any of that time running. And then when he does go to bed it is way to dark to run outside, so we invested in a treadmill. I found a really good treadmill on a super discounted price from our new friend Pedro! Justin and I picked it up on Saturday (getting it in the tahoe was a little more challenging than I had anticipated) and tonight starts my first walk/run! My sister has started running and will soon be doing her very first 5k and half a marathon so I hope to be able to join her on a few of her new adventures. In the end though, my only goal is to be able to feel comfortable in a swimsuit! And swim lessons for Kaden start in 8 weeks so I have to be ready by then! Wish me luck!!

Speaking of Kaden, he turned 5 months old today! We are rolling over from our belly to our back and we are almost sitting up without any help! He is such a big boy and making us laugh each and every day.

Uncle Zack and Aunt Lindsey bought this outfit for me!


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