Monday, October 12, 2009

Kaden's First Road Trip

Grandma Sara and Papa Tom were getting ready to leave for a week in Florida so Kaden and I thought it was time to take a trip down south to see them. We loaded up the Tahoe and I mean loaded up the Tahoe. I had no idea what we would need so I basically took everything except the kitchen sink for Kaden! After Tuesday's trip to Pittsburg I was a little worried about traveling 2 hours with him by myself because I wouldn't be able to jump in the back and settle him down if needed but to my surprise, he did great. The rain acted as a great soother for him and he slept the entire trip. On Thursday we got to watch the MU game with Papa Tom and unfortunately we were not good luck being in Carthage so for the next game we will make sure to stay in KC.

Great Grandma and Grandpa Earl came over on Friday to meet Kaden for the first time. He was such a good baby for them and was the quietest in Great Grandpa Earl's arms. Uncle Zack and Aunt Lindsey also came over to see Kaden, well Zack came over for breakfast!

After staying in Carthage for a night we header further south to Bentonville, to see Jennifer and the kiddos. The kiddos were fantastic with Kaden and were so helpful. I wish I had them around all the time!!

We are very excited to visit them again!

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