Tuesday, October 27, 2009

South Family Pictures

Janet's birthday was in August and we decided to hire a photographer to take family pictures for her. We picked the best possible day-the color on the trees were vibrant and leaves were falling, the weather was perfect! We met the photographers at Loose Park in the afternoon and the park was PACKED! We weren't the only ones looking for a good photo!

Here are a few pictures from Janet's camera, the photographer's pictures are still to come!

Take ONE=Kaden screaming!!
Take TWO=Kaden go bye-bye!

Trip #2 to Bentonville!

Mike, my sister's husband, was going to be out of town for awhile so Kaden and I figured we would head back down for a few days since I was still out on maternity leave. Just like last time, Kaden did a great job in the car, he slept the whole way to Carthage where Grandma met us at home for lunch.
We got down to Bentonville just in time for the kids to get home from school. They were very excited to see Kaden, they use to look forward to Aunt Kayla coming down, now I think they only care to see Kaden!!

The little ones stayed at home with Jennifer and Kaden on Tuesday, while I got to go and watch Brett play football. Brett is fairly tall for his age but if you ask me, some of these boys were taking some major steriods, they were HUGE! 6'2 and 220 is not fair for a 6th grader to go up against!
Since the kiddos still had to go to school, Jennifer and I got to get in some shopping! Kaden loved being at the outdoor mall, he loves the fresh air! Wednesday night we got a visit from Cousin Brad and Blake and I played some Sorry, which I was finally able to beat him at!!!

Thursday was a very sad day, we had to say goodbye to the kiddos as they left for school and had to pack up for our ride back to KC. We weren't looking forward to the drive but we were very happy to see Daddy when we got home!!

Louisburg Cider Mill

Although the little guy is a little too young to remember his first pumpkin patch, I couldn't miss documenting it. Since the Chiefs are a little predictable this year, we decided to head out on a Sunday afternoon with Grandma Janet, Adam and Becky, and Colton. I was completely surprised at how busy the cider mill was!

Once we arrived we got in line for the hay ride around the pumpkin fields and then we went to visit the goats. After leaving the pumpkin patch we went to the cider mill and Adam bought some cider donuts-YUM, YUM!

We are really looking forward to Halloween, check back for pictures of our cute little monkey!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Kaden's First Road Trip

Grandma Sara and Papa Tom were getting ready to leave for a week in Florida so Kaden and I thought it was time to take a trip down south to see them. We loaded up the Tahoe and I mean loaded up the Tahoe. I had no idea what we would need so I basically took everything except the kitchen sink for Kaden! After Tuesday's trip to Pittsburg I was a little worried about traveling 2 hours with him by myself because I wouldn't be able to jump in the back and settle him down if needed but to my surprise, he did great. The rain acted as a great soother for him and he slept the entire trip. On Thursday we got to watch the MU game with Papa Tom and unfortunately we were not good luck being in Carthage so for the next game we will make sure to stay in KC.

Great Grandma and Grandpa Earl came over on Friday to meet Kaden for the first time. He was such a good baby for them and was the quietest in Great Grandpa Earl's arms. Uncle Zack and Aunt Lindsey also came over to see Kaden, well Zack came over for breakfast!

After staying in Carthage for a night we header further south to Bentonville, to see Jennifer and the kiddos. The kiddos were fantastic with Kaden and were so helpful. I wish I had them around all the time!!

We are very excited to visit them again!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our Rollie Pollie!

We are certainly getting good use out of the FLIP and if you don't have one, I would highly suggest getting one! They are so easy to use and you can just carry it in the diaper bag or your purse! Anyways, we have been taking some more video of Kaden and here is one where he is rolling over from his stomach to his back, he pauses once he gets to his side but he eventually finishes the roll!

In other news, Kaden is doing much better with his feedings. We believe he has acid reflux, just like his daddy, and he is now on Prevacid and it is working wonders! We have a much happier baby and he is now back to sleeping in his crib! We are still waking up every 3-4 hours but we are hoping that will turn into 4-5 hours!

Enjoy the video!