Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Tough Life...

Eat, Sleep, Poop...what a tough life!

Today Kaden got to meet a lot of his family and our closest friends for the first time. Papa Tom, Great Grandpa Hartley, Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Zack and Aunt Lindsey all came up from Carthage to see the little man and spend a little time with him. Papa Tom and Great Grandpa Hartley believe that Kaden is the biggest 'Hartley' to date, not sure how that can be considering he was 8lbs 2oz, guess I had one too many chili cheese dogs from Sonic!!

Kaden also received visits from Jake and Jennifer, Emily, Sarah, Adam, Justin and Tugce, Dawn, and Scott and Korie today. Tiffany and Jason came the night Kaden was born but unfortunately he was in observation so they had to peek through the nursery windows at him. Grandma Sara popped in and out all day while she held down the fort at home for us and Grandma Janet stopped by after a long day at school! He was such a good boy for everyone, so content and happy. He mostly slept but there were times he would open his eyes and look to see who was talking to him.

He has had lots of poopy diapers (Daddy has still yet to change one) and has been eating very well for such a little guy! It will certainly take a few more days to start settling into a routine but we are certainly enjoying getting to know our little monkey. He might be only a day old but I couldn't imagine not having him here with us. Crazy to think that less than 48 hours he was in my belly and we had no idea what he looked liked. Moms have told me that it doesn't take long and you won't even hardly remember what his kicks felt like or the feeling of hiccups and boy were they right! Amazing how something so precious and so perfect was tucked away hidden for 40 weeks.

Tomorrow, Kaden is set to have a minor snip and cut (his circumcision) and then hopefully will be discharged around noon if all goes well. We are looking forward to settling in at home as well as introducing Kaden to the doggies tomorrow. Mommy is looking forward to sleeping in her own bed, Daddy is looking forward to teaching Kaden how to play XBOX and getting to watch the Royals with their newest and littlest fan!

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers! He is perfect!! Stay tuned for more updates!!

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