Thursday, September 3, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

After a short stay in the hospital we were able to bring Kaden home Wednesday morning. His snip, snip went very well and as soon as his observation was over, we checked out and headed home.

Once at home, we started settling in. We introduced the dogs to Kaden and that went better than anticipated. Both Stoli and Brodi are very curious but more so when he cries but they still do a great job while around him. It is only day one but we started off well. Mom got her nap, Dad got a few Xbox games in and we had a few visitors. Angela came by to see Mr. Kaden and to get another feel for what she is in for again in 8 weeks. Grandma Janet stopped by after school and Becky brought Colton over to meet his new cousin for the first time.


These late night feedings are certainly something we are going to have to get use to because now that Kaden is back asleep, I am wide awake! Oh and a big thanks to my mom-she is up here staying with us until Sunday and helping out with anything and everything. We are very lucky to have the extra help during this crazy transition in our lives!

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  1. Looks like Justin is comfy! Kaden fits just perfectly right there in his arms while he plays XBOX :) Don't you love an 8lb baby?! They don't feel nearly as fragile as a 6lb one-so solid! I love your blog-great job updating so often-you seem to handling the adjustment so well! Good work!


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