Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Down to the last few weeks....

Well, we are anxiously awaiting Kaden's arrival. We have everything ready to go, at least we feel like we have everything ready. I guess that isn't completely true, we are having a very had time figuring out a middle name for the little tyke!! I have a few picked out which I like but Dad isn't liking them...who will win this one!?!?

We had our birthing class on Sunday and learned a LOT, not to mention saw a few things we could have lived without! And lucky for us we live 2 blocks, both right hand turns, from the hospital so getting there shouldn't be an issue.

My mom and Justin's mom came over a few weeks back and worked all weekend long on the little guy's room while I supervised! They did a great job and it surpassed my expectations. Uncle Adam came over last week and added the chair rail around the room (not pictured-but will post soon).

We hope all is well for everyone and we look forward to introducing you to our little monkey!

Love-Justin, Kayla and Kaden

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